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    Born in Santa Clara California, Ben migrated north to Washington during his larval stage. He has since "matured" into the active, inordinate young adult he is today. While a diversified and unapologetic nerd his primary passion, seeminlgy since birth, have been games. After a few early encounters with the Atari 2600, personal computers, and the Nintendo Entertainment System Ben had chosen his destiny. By the age of eight he foresaw a lifetime of sleepless nights, glowing monitor screens, and a lot of running around like an idiot. He would, and must animate characters for video games. Twelve years later of on and off goofing around Ben now holds a Bachelor's degree and the same burning desire to make it into the game industry. He's ready to bid the Art Institute of Seattle a fond farewell and move into a nice, warm cubicle.
   While Ben sadly doesn't have as much time to play games as he used to he still enjoys watching the industry develop. In between reading about games and trying the latest demos, Ben loves to design them from time to time.The rest of his time is divided amongst driving, cooking, baking, eating, rolling dice, making t-shirts, and exercising.
   If you happen to find Ben in the wild approach him calmly. Ask him what games he's excited about and he can be easily domesticated.